5 things to consider when upsizing your distribution centre

5 things to consider when upsizing your distribution centre
Posted on May 16 2019

Upsizing your warehousing and/or distribution centre is no easy task, but with careful consideration of financial implications, location, staff recruitment, transport links and site design, you can make a success of it. With a current shortage of available warehousing space across the UK, it’s important that you make the right decisions so that your new warehouse facility doesn’t fall short of your requirements.

“The current market supply of warehousing across the UK currently stands at just 21.9 million sq ft across 131 units.”


With the amount of land coming forward for new warehouse schemes very limited, it’s proving to be a real struggle to satisfy the demands of the logistics sector. That’s why it’s important to make informed decisions about the design, location, cost and potential of the warehousing facilities that are available so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity.

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Warehousing managers need to strike a balance between affordability and convenience of location

The location of your new warehousing space will significantly contribute to the efficiency of your business as well as driving your profits and customer experience. If you’re currently looking for a new site for your distribution centre, consider the following:

1. Proximity to carrier services: by looking for a location close to your carrier service and customers, you can maintain a good balance between keeping costs down and providing a great service.

2. Geographic location of your customer base: if you can provide a faster, more efficient and cheaper service, you are more likely to benefit from customer retention/growth.

3. Local workforce availability: don’t forget the success of your facility depends on employing the right kind of people – your location needs to be well placed to facilitate this – at an affordable cost.

4. Your future plans for growth: ensure that the space will not only satisfy your present day needs, but give you options for future growth and expansion.

5. Specific storage requirements: if you have specific, hazardous, flammable or other physical storage requirements for your products make sure your new facility will accommodate this.

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