5 top tips for searching for the perfect warehouse/logistics base

Posted on June 05 2019

Locating or upsizing your distribution centre or warehousing space needn’t be difficult if it’s appropriately researched and planned. That means looking at it from your perspective, as well as through the eyes of your customers.  So what is the perfect warehouse/logistics base for your business at this time?  Here are a few things to consider.

Relocation or upsizing your warehouse is a challenge but see it also as an opportunity!

Moving or upsizing your storage operation to another facility presents multiple challenges.  When considering different units, think about what type of facility best supports your immediate business needs, but don’t neglect what you might need in the future.

By moving to a site with good transport links, close proximity to supply chain partners and customers, potential for immediate recruitment of skilled labour, great facility design and a flexible lease, you will ensure the very best outcome.

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There is a UK shortage of premium warehousing space

With so few sizeable warehousing spaces available across the UK, particularly in the North West, it’s important that you properly research, plan and think about what type of facility you need before making a final decision.

Here are 5 tips for finding the best site for your business:

1. Make sure you visit the park and talk to other business occupiers as this will give you a firsthand insight into opportunities, potential etc.

2. Ensure that the new facility is within easy reach of your supply chain partners and customers, as this will have service and cost implications.

3. Consider in detail if the physical design of the unit gives you what you practically require at this time, but also in the future.

4. Research the local labour market and consider if it satisfies your recruitment needs.  Also perhaps what training providers are nearby?

5. Be sure that the new premises support your quest for maintaining and improving operational excellence, ie: does the location mean you can extend the range and type of delivery choices you provide?

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