How to avoid a painful re-location of your warehousing/logistics operation

Posted on June 26 2019

Have you been given the task of finding the perfect site for your new warehousing facility? Are you looking for a site within a specific geographical region, with good transport links? Do you have recruitment needs or is the flexibility of the lease the most important factor for your business? There’s a lot to consider. Finding new premises needn’t be painful, but you do require a clear focus on what you need.

The most efficient warehouses are those that have been carefully positioned to out-perform the competition!

Warehousing managers are tasked with the efficient flow of products in and out of their facility. This involves space optimisation, effective stock control, picking routines, scheduling, staff recruitment, carrier management and many other processes. 

Any move that is potentially disruptive needs to be carefully managed and that starts with having a clear strategy and vision for your new logistics operation. 

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Customers expect a faster delivery

It makes sense, therefore, to focus on location. Somewhere that is closest to your customer base, carrier facilities and supply chain, with good transport links. If your business is seasonal or suffers from the ebb and flow of orders, you may need to look at a flexible lease that supports the way you work.

The success of any warehouse facility also depends on the people that are working for you, so you need to look at the local labour supply and associated costs.

Don’t neglect the physical design parameters of the space itself – from loading height, to office accommodation and things like wifi connectivity – focusing on these factors will ensure a smoother move.

When it comes to the physical move, you may consider hiring in the support of a warehouse installation company to handle the moving arrangements. This can help with disassembly and shipping of pallet racks/systems and other warehouse fixtures. They can also handle the transportation arrangements.

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