Why does the location of your warehousing and distribution centre drive customer satisfaction?

Posted on July 03 2019

Technology has put the power in your customers’ hands!  Individuals and businesses now want instant delivery, a speedier response and altogether a higher level of service.  You need to make sure, therefore, that your warehousing space is fully stocked, big enough and well located to respond to these growing expectations.  In essence, you need to be running a slick, smooth and cost effective, customer-centric warehouse that is ready to respond.

Is your warehouse part of a business-wide customer centric strategy?

Whilst a move to a new warehousing facility involves many financial considerations when it comes to assessing suppliers’ overheads, recruitment and employment, carrier costs and the fees associated with other related operations, you must also think about how the location will add to your customer experience, ie: in what ways it can maintain or improve what you are doing at the present time.

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The reality is, if your move causes you to miss delivery targets and deadlines, your customers will soon let you know about it!

In this customer-centric world, businesses must ensure that there are no weak links in their supply chain.  The focus, therefore, should be on ensuring that the location of your new premises facilitates great delivery services and doesn’t slow down or impinge on your outgoing shipments.

When you are interested in a specific location you must carefully consider transport links and how you can sustain, but also extend the delivery services you provide to your customers through your carriers and/or partners. Offering improved delivery terms will undoubtedly add to your customer experience.

Whilst you might not have previously regarded the warehouse environment as being 100% customer-focused, a change of location is the right time to move in this direction and to address any “pain points” in the ordering and fulfillment processes that you are aware of.

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A move is a great opportunity to pursue your quest for customer satisfaction, so ensure that the location of your warehousing facility is a key criterion. If you think geographically and have seamless access to your customer and supply chain partners, it can only lead to operational excellence and more satisfied clients.

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